Contractor Solutions

Efficiency meets trust.

CSWI provides a wide range of products designed to create efficiency and expediency for professional contractors, while delivering home and building owners with trusted solutions. We are strategically positioned to grow in each market served by leveraging our sales channels and distribution networks. HVAC/R service providers ask for our products by name, and for generations, professional plumbers have been using our industry-leading solutions.

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Building confidence: HVAC/R

Whether it’s new construction, repair, or replacement projects, HVAC/R contractors have their hands full. CSWI offers an extensive array of trusted products, even as we constantly evolve and innovate to ensure that our customers have access to the most effective solutions available. Plus, our extensive distribution network ensures local support, timely delivery, and reliable supply.

AC Leak Freeze® Logo

AC Leak Freeze®

Revitalizes A/C and refrigeration systems by permanently sealing small, hard-to-find micro gas leaks.

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AquaGuard® Logo


Engineered to monitor, detect, and arrest condensate water overflow.

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Aspen® Pumps Logo

Aspen® Pumps

Premier versatile, quiet, and easy-to-install condensate pumps. 

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Desolv™ Logo


High-strength, no foaming mini-split cleaner. 

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EZ Trap® Logo

EZ Trap®

Easy maintenance condensate traps and overflow switches.

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Fortress® Logo


Professional grade, quick assembly, weather resistant lineset ducting.

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Goliath™ Logo


Crack resistant, high temperature durability condensate rain pans and risers.

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Novent® Logo


Tamper resistant, locking refrigerant caps. Meet IMC® and IRC® code.

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Safe-T-Switch® Logo


Code compliant inline cleanout condensate switches, with adjustable ratcheting float level.

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Slimduct® Logo


Gloss finish, premium post-paint, heavy duty lineset ducting.

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TRUaire® Logo


The finest grilles, registers, and diffusers with 100% powdercoat coverage.

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Watertight reputation: Plumbing

CSWI serves the plumbing industry with well-known, proven products. For generations, professional plumbers have been using our industry-leading solvents, cements, traps, vents, and thread sealants. Trusted by professional plumbers, our solutions are available through an extensive distribution network to ensure local support, prompt delivery, and reliable supply.

Calci-Free® Logo


Economical tankless water heater flush. Restores circulation in 20 minutes.

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Clean Check® Logo

Clean Check®

Extendable backwater valve, prevents sewage backup due to a plugged sewer system.

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G-O-N® Logo


Glue-on-nozzle installs directly onto PVC drain pipe.

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Nokorode® Logo


All weather paste flux formulas deliver stable consistency and a perfect solder.

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RectorSeal® No. 5 Logo

RectorSeal® No. 5

Soft set/slow drying multi-purpose pipe thread sealant.

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SureSeal® Logo


Waterless inline drain trap seal, stops drain odors and bugs.

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T Plus 2® Logo

T Plus 2®

Non-setting, PTFE enriched pipe thread sealant.

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