Engineered Building Solutions

Form meets function.

CSW Industrials is a market leader in providing unique solutions to architects and contractors that meet code requirements, while adding functionality, performance, and aesthetically-pleasing designs. Whether for new construction or renovation, safety and code compliance are top of mind for commercial builders, and we can help with fire-rated and smoke-rated protection, along with other architecturally-specified building products.

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Meeting code, surpassing expectations: Engineered Products

As larger buildings are being designed and constructed in both domestic and international markets, contractors seek reliable solutions, to achieve aesthetically-pleasing architectural specifications in accordance with appropriate safety codes. With known brands and a solid reputation, we deliver.

Balco® IllumiTread™ Egress Logo

Balco® IllumiTread™ Egress

Creates intuitive paths for emergency escapes.

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Balco® Stair Nosings Logo

Balco® Stair Nosings

ADA compliant concrete walkway.

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BlazeSeal™ Logo


Creates a firm seal that prevents the flow of smoke and flames through doorways.

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Greco Railings Logo

Greco Railings

Greco designs, manufactures and installs stainless steel and other architectural metal product railings. 

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Metacaulk® Logo


Prevents the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through joint openings.

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Smoke Guard Elevator Protection Logo

Smoke Guard Elevator Protection

Compact smoke curtain assemblies to seal the already fire-rated elevator door from vertical smoke migration.

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Smoke Guard Horizontal Protection Logo

Smoke Guard Horizontal Protection

Horizontally deploying curtains bisect an atrium and compartmentalize space, reducing or eliminating smoke evacuation systems.

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Smoke Guard Perimeter Protection Logo

Smoke Guard Perimeter Protection

Accordion style fire-rated perimeter curtains require no corner posts to protect communicating stairs and atrium balcony spaces.

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Smoke Guard Vertical Protection Logo

Smoke Guard Vertical Protection

Vertically deploying fire and smoke-rated curtains to enable clean, space-conserving, code and compliance.

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