Our Company

A diversified, industrial growth company.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operating companies headquartered across the United States, CSW Industrials (NASDAQ: CSWI) is a diversified industrial growth company with industry-leading operations in three segments:

Contractor Solutions Engineered Building Solutions Specialized Reliability Solutions

A history of our operating companies:


RectorSeal: Innovative products for the trades

Founded in 1937, acquired by Capital Southwest (CSWC) in 1969, and part of CSWI at inception, RectorSeal is a leading manufacturer of innovative mechanical, chemical and firestopping products.


Jet-Lube: Advanced lubrication technology and eco-certified products

Since 1949, Jet-Lube products have helped people solve equipment maintenance problems. Acquired by CSWC in 1973, and part of CSWI at inception.


Whitmore: Lubricants for rail, mining and heavy industry

Founded in 1893, acquired by CSWC in 1979, and part of CSWI at inception, Whitmore is a leading provider of high-performance lubricants and innovative products and services that increase the reliability, performance, and lifespan of industrial assets.


Balco: Products that protect people and beautify commercial buildings worldwide

Founded in 1958, Balco is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered and custom architectural building components. Acquired by CSWC in 1989, and part of CSWI at inception.


Smoke Guard: Protection for hospitals, hotels and airports

Founded in 1991, acquired by CSWC in 2005, and part of CSWI at inception, Smoke Guard designs, certifies, manufactures and installs proprietary fire-rated and smoke-rated opening protective systems.


Deacon: An industry leader in the distribution of pipe, valves, fittings and many other related products and services

Founded in 1963, acquired by CSWC in 2015, and part of CSWI at inception, Deacon has developed the market's most experienced personnel, largest inventory, and greatest service offering. 


CSW Industrials: A growth-oriented, diversified industrial Company

Founded in 2015 through a spin-off from CSWC, with operating companies that are long established names in their respective end markets.


Greco Aluminum Railings: Leaders in North American, high-quality engineered railing and safety systems for multi-family and commercial structures

Founded in 1991, Greco is a leading manufacturer of high quality, corrosion resistant aluminum railing systems in North America. CSWI acquired Greco in 2017.


Petersen Metals: A leader in architectural metal products

Founded in 1948, a regional specialty manufacturer and installer of architectural metal products with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in stainless steel, fabricated aluminum, mild steel railing assemblies, and other custom architectural building components. CSWI acquired Petersen in 2019.


TRUaire: A leading manufacturer of grilles, registers, and diffusers for the residential and commercial HVAC market

Founded in 1984 and acquired by CSWI in 2020, TRUaire provides a level of service superior to any other manufacturers of grilles, registers, and diffusers.


Shoemaker Manufacturing: A leading manufacturer of reliable residential and commercial grilles, registers, and diffusers

Founded in 1947, Shoemaker Manufacturing’s strong reputation is built upon the quality of its manufactured products, innovation in its customized online ordering process, and relentless focus on customer service. CSWI acquired Shoemaker Manufacturing in 2021.

Our Solutions

An industry-spanning reputation built on uncommon reliability.

CSWI provides value to our customers through a broad, yet complementary range of leading products that provide performance-optimizing solutions for diverse industrial and construction applications that enable enhanced customer service through scalability, operational efficiencies, and extensive distribution networks. The end markets we serve with our well-known brands include HVAC/R, general industrial, plumbing, construction, energy, mining, and rail. Our solutions have two essential commonalities: performance and reliability, earning us the enduring confidence of our customers in every industry we serve.

Contractor Solutions Engineered Building Solutions Specialized Reliability Solutions