Corporate Sustainability

Responsibly fulfilling our commitments.

We care about our team members, the communities in which we operate, and environmental stewardship. Our leadership team is guided by an experienced, diverse and independent Board of Directors whose expertise amplifies our vision and character to continually raise our standards and do more.


Diversity & Inclusion

A commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect.

We create, nurture, and sustain an inclusive and diverse environment that attracts and retains the highest caliber employees, leveraging their skills and expertise to serve our customers. We are dedicated to attracting and developing individuals of all backgrounds, and making CSWI a place where everyone can contribute and grow. We believe that diversity not only inspires our internal team, but also drives customer engagement and service.

Our core value of Respect requires that we treat each and every person with dignity, because we believe in the intrinsic value of each individual. This means that we should operate in an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity in all hiring, promotion, and compensation matters. In addition, we believe that embracing diversity will make CSWI a stronger and more successful business because we can benefit from varying opinions, perspectives, and life experiences. Managers and leaders are expected to reinforce our values through their actions, thereby serving as role models in creating a work environment that is welcoming and safe while providing an equal opportunity for all to succeed as a member of our team. All of these objectives are reflected in our Code of Conduct

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Workforce Demographics
(By Gender and Ethnicity)

Total Global Employees
Total US Employees
Number of Leadership Roles

Gender Statistics

68.6%/31.4% Male/Female Gender Diversity
68%/32% Male/Female Leadership Gender Diversity

Ethnicity Statistics

Chart depicting Ethnic Diversity - Total U.S. Workforce. 984 Total U.S. Employees, 54.6% White, 27.1% Hispanic/Latino, 10.8% African American, 5% Asian, 2.5% Other.

Gender Breakdown by Employee Type-Total U.S. Workforce

Male - 68.6%, Female 31.4%


A dedication to continued safety improvement.

Our team continues to make meaningful safety improvements, decreasing our Total Recordable Incident Rate from 3.2 in 2020 to 0.9 as of December 31, 2023. Our goal remains a zero-incident workplace and we are committed to employee training, development and well-being with 8,400 annual hours of training and professional development.

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A focus on safety: Within and beyond our walls.

A safe environment is also a critical focus for our Company—safety that extends beyond our walls and to our customers and end users. The standout products and services among our Engineered Building Solutions segment showcase this commitment. Smoke Guard, Balco, and Greco help contractors and commercial builders meet safety and code compliance for both new construction and renovation, including fire and smoke protection and railings.

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Total Recordable Incident Rate Decreased from 3.2 in 2020 to 0.9 as of December 31, 2023.

Code of Conduct

We hold the highest of standards.

Our comprehensive Code of Conduct defines the standards for how we do business. It reflects our commitment to conducting operations around the world according to the highest ethical standards, embodying our core value of Excellence and including our commitment to developing and sustaining a "safety-first" culture. It applies to all team members of CSWI and its subsidiaries, regardless of their location.

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Our Values

Our Company values provide the framework.









Better together: In our businesses. In our communities.

CSWI also fosters a sense of community throughout our companies. Each location coordinates efforts to give back to the places they're located. Team members give their time to help others in many different ways, including feeding the homeless, organizing toy drives, supporting scholarship programs, and more. 


Corporate Governance

Performing at the highest level, adhering to the highest standards.

Sound governance practices are foundational to any high-performing organization. At CSWI, our practices demonstrate our commitment to thoughtful governance that helps the Company effectively manage enterprise risks and ultimately preserve and drive long-term shareholder value. A complete Corporate Governance section exists within the Investors section of our website. 

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Board Independence and Leadership

Our Board of Directors has a responsibility to oversee the Company’s leadership in the competent and ethical operation of the Company and to ensure that our shareholders’ best interests are being served. We believe that a governance structure characterized by an engaged, qualified, and independent Board, operating within a well-defined leadership structure, best promotes the Board’s efforts to meet their responsibilities.

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines require that a majority of our Board members be independent under Nasdaq rules and applicable law, and only those Board members who have no material relationship with the Company are deemed independent. Further, our independent Board members operate under the leadership of a Lead Independent Director, who has well-defined responsibilities that support and facilitate the Board’s oversight obligations.

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Three Key Committees

CSWI has organized three committees to provide experienced and independent oversight for key aspects of our business and operations.

Audit Committee

Oversees risk management relating to financial reporting and public disclosure and legal and regulatory compliance, and reviews and discusses the process by which the Board and its committees oversees senior management’s Enterprise Risk Management program.

Compensation and Talent Development Committee

Oversees risk management relating to executive compensation, organizational design and leadership succession planning.

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Oversees risk management relating to director independence and corporate governance, as well as risk related to the Company’s Environmental, Social and Governance program.

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Average Years of Independent Director Tenure
Gender or Ethnically Diverse Directors on the Board


Ethics first, always.

At CSWI, maintaining ethical standards is job one. Our Code of Conduct helps team members assess the right answer to ethical questions that may arise. In addition to receiving digital and printed copies of the Code of Conduct, every CSWI team member must conduct a 90-minute digital training session on an annual basis. We also highly encourage team members to report any violation of law, Code of Conduct, or Company policy.

Team members have multiple ways to report concerns or incidents, including to consult with their supervisors or Human Resources representatives.

The CSWI Ethics Hotline is also available globally, 24 hours a day, year-round, and it can be accessed via a website or toll-free telephone number.

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Stewardship, Health & Safety

Responsible operations begin with environmental stewardship and team member health and safety.

At CSWI, we are focused on responsible operations intended to keep our team members safe, minimize our impact to the environment and our communities, and use a forward-looking approach to making our product lines increasingly renewable and eco-friendly. We are working to monitor energy and water usage, as well as waste generation, with the goal of increasing our efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint.

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